MVP News

Last Tuesday (April 1st), my MVP award was renewed. Yessss!
Among the benefits of being an MVP are:
  • MSDN Subscription
  • TechEd Subscription
  • MVP Bucks to spend on Microsoft Online Store
  • MVP Global Summit
You can choose to receive media for MSDN or Technet, or you can get both online.
Next Friday, I’ll be flying to Seattle for my first MVP Global Summit.
I really don’t know what to expect. The agenda really didn’t catch my eye except for a couple of sessions.
Let’s see if I’ll find things more interesting once I get there.
As a side note, I’ll be in New York for a couple of days after the Summit. It’ll be my first time there.
The weather is cold this time of the year. I hope I get to see some snow!

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