Dança do Sirí na terra do King’s Crab

O MVP Summit é a chance de MVPs de todo o mundo interagirem entre si mesmos e os times de produto lá em Redmond.

Mas nem só de conteúdo técnico vivem os MVPs. Na terra do King’s Crab, é claro que tinha que ter algum prezepeiro para dançar a dança do sirí – ou como se diz por lá "Crab’s Dance" 🙂

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Alfred Myers

I have been interested in computers since I got my hands on a magazine about digital electronics back in 1983 and programming them has been paying the bills since 1991. Having focused on Microsoft-centric technology stacks for the best part of two decades, in recent years I’ve been educating myself on open source technologies such as Linux, networking and the open web platform.

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