Preparing for Beta Exam 70-660: TS: Windows® Internals

Microsoft Advanced Windows Debugging and Troubleshooting team disclosed the exam preparation information for 70-660 (71-660 while in beta).

You’ll find what you need to know at:

Since there currently is no prep material, I’ll recommend some books that I think will help prepare those who might want to take this exam.

First and foremost is Mark Russinovich’s Windows Internals currently in the 4th Edition. The 5th edition should be released later this year.


These books will give you the fundamentals of Windows internals.

For get a developer’s perspective on Windows internals reach out to Jeffrey Richter’s Windows via C/C++.

To get insight into debugging take a loot at John Robbin’s Debugging Applications for Microsoft .NET and Microsoft Windows :


I’ve read a few chapters from it – mostly the managed code debugging ones, but there’s a lot of information on native debugging.

Although I haven’t read Advanced Windows Debugging, is has been highly recommended, so I’ll list it here too.

That is a lot of stuff to read and study and it sure is not an exhaustive list. For just one exam! But what did you expected from an exam that caters:

     "Candidates for this exam are typically in the upper echelon of the technical staff at their companies."

So get prepared and good luck!

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