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Recently my 2nd generation iPod Nano got broken and after a little research at Apple’s site I decided to buy an iPod Touch.

I went to a store here in Brazil and bought one only to discover that it was a 1st generation iPod Touch while the one shown on Apple’s site was a 2nd generation one.

The 2nd generation iPod has some features I really wanted so I asked for a friend to bring me one from the US:

  • Built-in sensor for Nike+
  • Hardware buttons for volume
  • Speaker

By the way, it also has a faster ARM processor.



Before getting the new toy, I used to automatically download audio podcasts via iTunes. I also used to manually download videos from Channel 9 to watch on my desktop. Now I setup iTunes to download automatically all the audio and video podcasts I’m interested in. Here are some of the technical ones:




Alt.NET Podcast

Alt.NET Podcast about TDD, BDD, DDD, DI, IoC, and other acronyms

Channel 10

[Channel 10]

Google Developer Podcast

The Google Developer Podcast features interesting news in the developer world from a Google perspective. Listen to interviews with Google Developers and the community as a whole.


Hanselminutes is a weekly audio talk show with noted web developer and technologist Scott Hanselman and hosted by Carl Franklin. Scott discusses utilities and tools, gives practical how-to advice, and discusses ASP.NET or Windows issues and workarounds

.NET Rocks!

.NET Rocks! is an Internet Audio Talk Show for Microsoft .NET Developers.

OnMicrosoft (Video)

Conversations & tips from expert IT Pro’s & Developers covering a wide range of programming, systems, & software issues: .NET Framework, WCF, WPF, ASP.NET  AJAX, Silverlight, PowerShell, VSTS, VSTO, LIN, SQL Server, Data-binding, and SharePoint.

OnSoftweare (Audio + Video)

Conversations & tips from the industry’s leading developers across a wide range of programming and development topics: Java, Agile, Software Engineering, Design Patterns, C++, C#, Ruby, Lean, Software Quality, Secure Coding, User-centric Design, and more.

Videos – Channel 9


Descriptions were taken from the feeds themselves. That’s why Channel 9 and 10 aren’t so descriptive.

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I have been interested in computers since I got my hands on a magazine about digital electronics back in 1983 and programming them has been paying the bills since 1991. Holding a dozen Microsoft certifications and being awarded Microsoft MVP in C# for five years in a row starting in 2007, recently I've been educating myself on open source technologies such as Linux, networking and the open web platform.

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