TF26212: Team Foundation Server could not save your changes.

I created a new WIT (work item type) to track progress of a set of activities we have here. Let’s call it “Setup”.

I wanted to restrict the users that create a new instance of the work item. The way to do this in TFS is to put a restriction on the state transition from “” to the first state of your workflow: “FirstStep” in our case.

To make things easier, I gave the group the same name of the WIT: “Setup”.

So I ended with something along the following lines:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

<witd:WITD application="Work item type editor" version="1.0" xmlns:witd="">

  <WORKITEMTYPE name="Setup">


      <STATES />


        <TRANSITION from="" to="FirstStep" for="[project]Setup" />






The problem is that when I tried to save a new instance of the work item, I received the following message from TFS:

TF26212: Team Foundation Server could not save your changes. There may be problems with the work item type definition. Try again or contact your Team Foundation Server administrator.

That really doesn’t help…

After some research I found a blog post with a solution to the problem.

The problem is you should not have a WIT with the same name of a TFS group in whatever Team Projects you have.

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