Shows the error message when trying to install the C# extension

@id:ms-vscode.csharp – No extensions found.

There seems to have been a release coordination snafu between Visual Studio Code and the latest release for the C# for Visual Studio Code extension and as a result, you may be getting…

The ‘C#’ extension is recommended for this file type.

… over and over again.

If you click on Install, Code will tell you it can’t find the extension.


No extensions found.

The issue is caused by publisher for the extension being changed from ms-vscode to ms-dotnetools and how this cascades to other parts of the extension such as it’s Id.

From what I understood from the issue over on GitHub, the problem should go away with the next version of Visual Studio Code – the current version being 1.42.1.

$ code --version

Meanwhile, since there are reports on GitHub about the change impacting dependent extensions, the workaround will depend on whether you use one of those extensions and how much the installation prompt bugs you.

A good start is finding out which extension, if any, you have installed.

$ code --list-extensions | grep -E 'ms-\w+.csharp'

This should return ms-vscode.csharp if you have the older extension or ms-dotnettools.csharp if you have the newer one. It may return other extensions as well if they happen to match the given regular expression.

If you have the newer version and are OK with being prompt to install it over and over again, you’re set up. Otherwise, you can still get the older version, but since it has been removed from the Marketplace, you’ll have to resort to getting it from GitHub.

$ code --uninstall-extension ms-dotnettools.csharp
 Uninstalling ms-dotnettools.csharp…
 Extension 'ms-dotnettools.csharp' was successfully uninstalled!

$ wget

$ code --install-extension csharp-1.21.12.vsix
Installing extensions…
 Extension 'csharp-1.21.12.vsix' was successfully installed.

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