Let it flow

A nice Sunday morning read:


But it amazes me that, as an industry, we’re still dealing with these kinds of problems (synchronizing data between different layers) after all these years.

I remember first coming across this issue back in 2003/2004 when developing a Windows Forms + ADO.NET front-end connecting do a SQL Server Back-end.

Sure, the technology stack is completely different and Flickr’s scale is way way bigger, but the problems are fundamentally the same.

One would have guessed that after all these years, we would have learned a couple of lessons from the database replication/synchronization field, applied them to the problem at hand and stopped reinventing the wheel.

Maybe we could all learn something from fluid dynamics.

Data should flow between the different layers the same way a shot of vodka flows when poured into a glass of cashew juice. Hic!

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